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InfoBlade for Online Retail

InfoBlade for Online Retail is a powerful search capability for ecommerce retailers.

It delivers a very affordable, high performance, faceted website search experience which is proven to increase conversion rates and visitor satisfaction over traditional database based searches.

The ability for shoppers to find products within an online store quickly and easily is essential to the success of online retailing. However the search functionality of many eCommerce sites falls short of the growing expectations of customers, and they end up looking elsewhere.

If you do not have a faceted search interface, you are probably wasting money on driving traffic to your site, only to have them leave after an unsuccessful site search.

increase sales

Don't miss a sale

Make your search gracefully handle customers who think differently from you. Never leave them at a dead end.


Users want a fast, intuitive site search that does not return too many or too few results.
increase your sales

Easy to set up

Web based setup, means that you can be up and running sooner - and reaping the rewards of a top class site search.
uses xml/http

Easy Integration

Infoblade uses XML/http maintain and query the index so it is compatible with all the leading web developer technologies.


You can control almost every aspect of your search server over the web.
Support includedSupport
Your hosted search service includes support in case you have any difficulties getting going.

If you have a catalog of products online that you are selling either direct to consumers or to other businesses, you need give your customers the best experience possible for finding and reaching the right product for them.

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